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Growth Management

Growth Management

Our community is experiencing rapid growth that requires a multitude of additional resources. How do we provide adequate support for our police and fire departments? How do we strike a balance between new development and preserving open space? These are pressing questions that require our immediate attention. As a member of the current City Council, I’m proud of our achievements lowering taxes and working tirelessly to ensure that the burden of development doesn’t fall on residents who have been here for decades. Our community shouldn’t have to bear the cost of facilitating growth. We must continue with this mentality if we want to enact policies that will help us manage growth responsibly. Protecting the interests of our residents is my primary concern as we navigate growth and the changes that come with it.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Many of our major roadways are owned and managed by UDOT, which creates a situation where we must consistently advocate for our own needs. It’s critical that we work closely with the legislature and Mountainland Association of Governments to ensure our projects are prioritized and properly funded. Furthermore, we pay the same taxes as everyone else, yet our public transportation services are severely lacking. With only one UTA bus route, we are critically underserved and must address the issue. We can’t continue to be left behind when it comes to providing adequate transportation options that meet the needs of our growing community. Although we’re fortunate to have the attention of these agencies, it’s important that we hold them accountable. We must continue to secure the state funding necessary to build out infrastructure and transportation options that will serve our residents for years to come. 

Community Engagement

Saratoga Springs is a one-of-a-kind community with residents who hold so many shared interests and values. It’s this sense of belonging that sets us apart from other cities, and my hope is that we can capitalize on it by creating even more opportunities for engagement. Although we’ve made great strides in this area over the past few years, there is more room for improvement. With the right approach, we can bring our community even closer together. My vision is for Saratoga Springs to be a place where families routinely enjoy one another’s company through annual events and shared traditions. I’m committed to making every effort to foster a sense of community and belonging that will benefit us all. I promise to keep residents informed and engaged through newsletters and social media, always maintaining open lines of communication.


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