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Chris Carn

Originally from Naperville, a family-friendly community in Illinois, Chris witnessed firsthand the rapid growth Saratoga Springs is currently experiencing. It’s this familiarity that drives him to continue to lead and assist the community in managing strategic growth. His first term on the Saratoga Springs City Council has provided countless opportunities to bridge the gap between developers and residents, and he makes it a priority to communicate with people every step of the way.

After finding his way to Utah, it wasn’t long before Chris met his wife, Angie, while working for Hewlett Packard. In 2005, a road trip to visit friends was the catalyst for their family settling in Saratoga Springs. On the way home, Angie suggested they drive south on Redwood Road to visit the places where she camped as a kid. After driving through Saratoga Springs, they knew they had found a special place and called their realtor the next day.

With more than a decade of experience serving the people of Saratoga Springs, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as a councilmember. In addition to six years on the Saratoga Springs Homeowners Association Board of Directors and two years on the City Planning Commission, he was elected to the Saratoga Springs City Council in 2019 and is committed to continuing the important work of helping the community thrive. He also completed one of the first Citizens Assisting Police (CAPS) programs hosted by the Saratoga Springs Police Department and was an active volunteer for many years.

Professionally, Chris has spent his career working in the telecommunications field. From Hewlett Packard to AT&T, his experience working for high-profile businesses underscores the wealth of knowledge he brings to his current position on the City Council. Chris has helped lead with the philosophy of saving taxpayer money, especially when it comes to growth. He and his fellow councilmembers have made it a priority to hold the development community accountable when it comes to the impact they make and the funding required to get there.

Chris and Angie have been married for 20 years and have four daughters who were all born in Saratoga Springs. They enjoy family camping trips and any opportunity to experience the outdoor activities Utah has to offer.

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